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Arbroath Academy

School Uniform

Pupils show their pride in the school by wearing school uniform.

School uniform is simple and practical.  It is no more expensive than other kinds of clothing.  Items may be bought from any clothes shop - price depends on size and quality.  All pupils are expected to wear school uniform in school and on educational visits.

All clothes and equipment should be marked with the pupil’s name.  Every year, clothing, school bags and PE kit which have been lost in the school cannot be returned because there is no way of identifying the owner!

Arbroath Academy’s colours are BLACK and GOLD.  Wearing the school colours shows our pride in the Academy!

  • Black shoes - plain in style, and suitable for the season – preferably not trainers
  • Black trousers or skirt
  • White or black shirt or blouse
  • Black cardigan, v-neck sweater, or plain black sweatshirt
  • School tie - black, with diagonal gold stripes (Senior tie plain black with logo) - available from the school office at a cost of £4.00
  • Dark coloured jacket

We appreciate the support that we receive from parents over school uniform.

Pupils also have the opportunity of purchasing a school blazer which can be ordered through the school.

Pupils regularly appear in photographs in the local press or other media.  Where possible all the pupils in these photographs should be wearing school dress or school sports strips.

What Pupils Should NOT Wear in School

Pupils are NOT permitted to wear denim jeans.  Denim jackets should be removed within the school building.  Pupils are NOT permitted to wear football tops or tracksuit tops or bottoms, or clothes which identify them with a particular type of fashion or any football team.

For Physical Education you will need

  • Black/dark shorts or tracksuit trousers
  • Sports socks
  • Training shoes or gym shoes
  • Plain light top (no football tops)

In cold weather you might also like to wear a tracksuit or a warm top.

All clothing brought to school should be named or marked in some way.  It is difficult for children to distinguish their clothing from others.